Tecnologia e Tendências

LC3 comparison chart

The LINAK LC3 2-stage and 3 stage lifting columns set the standards for strong vertical lifting for medical applications.

LC features

LC3 2-Stage

LC3 3-stage


Max load in push

4,000 N, 5,000 N, 6,000 N

4,000 N, 5,000 N, 6,000 N


Max load in pull

4,000 N

4,000 N


Stroke length:

140 to 700 mm in steps of 50 mm*

400 to 700 mm in steps of 50 mm*


Built-in dimensions

S+180 mm, min. BID 320
S+250 mm, min. BID 390

S/2+120 mm, min. BID 320
S/2+240 mm, min. BID 440


Profile size

146 x 146 mm

163 x 163 mm


Dynamic bending moment

Up to 2,100 Nm

Up to 1,400 Nm


*in steps of 1 mm on request


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