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LINAK is delivering more power, speed, safety and value to customer applications

Over the last 20 years, LINAK has watched global trends and developments and used that knowledge to develop cutting edge components for healthcare equipment. With more patients in need of care, there’s an urgent demand for intelligent solutions to improve the comfort and safety of patients while enabling efficient workflows for clinicians.

LINAK is delivering more power, speed, safety and value to customers applications

In the modern healthcare industry, both power and speed are mandatory when developing new products while at the same time ensuring that all components provide immense value to the end user. LINAK has focused on developing innovative products to supplement our existing range of strong electric actuators and lifting columns that will not just meet these needs but exceed them.

Versatile options with more power
Taking high-end medical applications to the next level, the LC3 is the most powerful 3-stage lifting column designed by LINAK to date. Bringing advanced power and speed to applications, such as operating tables, surgery chairs and X-ray equipment, the LC3 is available in push versions ranging from 4,000 N to 6,000 N and pull versions up to 4,000 N.

The LC3 was designed to meet the needs of modern healthcare equipment and is available in two compact versions and can therefore easily be integrated in a variety of applications. Its ability to operate on the floor as well as from the ceiling makes it one of the most versatile lifting columns on the market. With more than 30 combinations of cables through the column to choose from, the LC3 was designed with flexibility in mind.


Lifting column LC3


Flexibility in small but mighty actuator
With industry-leading installation dimensions and a push force up to 2,500 N, the compact LA20 was designed specifically for applications where a strong force is required but a limited amount of space is available. Applications like wheelchairs, patient lifts, dental chairs, treatment tables and operating tables experience smooth, quiet movement from the small but mighty actuator.

Designed to meet similar demands that the LC3 faces, the LA20 was also developed with flexibility in mind. The actuator features flexible control options, an exchangeable cable for easy mounting and built-in electrical end-stop switches to improve the lifetime of the actuator.


Linear actuator LA20


Offer safe lifting of patients
The healthcare industry faces additional challenges in providing care for the ageing population, patients suffering the effects of obesity and constant pressure to improve efficiencies and costs. With the introduction of the new LA40 PL to our actuator range, designed to meet the needs of patient lifting, LINAK meets these challenges head-on with outstanding product performance and value.

The LA40 PL handles heavy loads by delivering a push of 8,000 N at full stroke and adheres to the strict LINAK safety standards and testing requirements. To ensure the protection of both the patient and clinician, the actuator includes various safety features such as manual lowering in the event of power loss, built-in end-stop switches, and ratchet spline function to safeguard against potential injuries.


Linear actuator LA40PL


Enjoy full performance at high speed
To meet the competitive demands for a high-performance actuator, LINAK developed the LA40 HP. Providing a solid push of 8,000 N and smooth, quick movement of more than 6 mm/s at maximum load, the LA40 HP is a strong actuator that focuses on value. The LA40 HP was designed for a wide range of applications and is ideal for surgery and treatment tables, dental chairs, and hospital beds.

The LA40 HP boasts an IPX6 Washable DURA­™ rating, making it easy to clean and ideal for the strict demands of medical environments. With an advanced ratchet spline, the LA40 HP provides greater safety for both patients and clinicians as it prevents potential crush injuries caused by moving parts.


Linear actuator LA40HP


Always looking to the future and focusing on caring for tomorrow today, LINAK is dedicated to meeting industry demands for strong, fast, and accurate positioning by developing quality products and solutions that will perform time and time again. With the introduction of these new products, LINAK continues to be committed to improving power, safety, and efficiency for those in the healthcare industry and patients around the world. For more information on the newest LINAK products, please contact your local LINAK office.

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